The Book of Mormon Theatre Tickets and Hotel Packages

Winner of 4 Olivier Awards 2014

From Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the irreverent and ever-scurrilous creators of South Park, and Avenue Q composer Robert Lopez, comes The Book of Mormon, a collaboration of unmatched blasphemy and hilarity that took Broadway by storm and won nine Tony Awards.

Singing and cursing its way to the West End, the scandalous show sees two young, overly optimistic Mormon missionaries take their message to a remote north-Ugandan village, where they'll have to tackle famine, AIDS and a trigger-happy warlord if they're to succeed in their quest to convert the downtrodden populace. It doesn't help that one of our hapless heroes never got round to reading the scripture he's preaching.

Expect the unexpected from this utterly unique religious satire, which takes aim at everything from God-bothering zealots and Bono to the Lord Almighty himself ... and even The Lion King. The catchy showstoppers are bursting with wit, profanity and invention, and all is fair game in a show that many are calling the funniest of all-time.

See this side-splitting production on a London hotel and theatre break from Show & Stay.

Please note: This show is for the liberally-minded. We don't recommend The Book of Mormon for children under 17 or those who are easily offended.

The Book of Mormon Music

Song name Performed by
Hello Price, Cunningham and Mormon Boys
Two by Two Price, Cunningham and Mormon Boys
You and Me (But Mostly Me) Price and Cunningham
Hasa Diga Eebowai Mafala, Price, Cunningham and Ugandans
Turn It Off McKinley and Missionaries
I Am Here for You Price and Cunningham
All American Prophet Price, Cunningham, Joseph Smith, Angel Moroni and Company
Sal Tlay Ka Siti Nabulungi
I Am Here for You (Reprise) Cunningham
Man Up Cunningham, Nabulungi, Price and Company
Making Things Up Again Cunningham, Cunningham's Dad, Joseph Smith, Mormon, Moroni, Hobbits and Ugandans
Spooky Mormon Hell Dream Price and Company
I Believe Price
Baptize Me Cunningham and Nabulungi
I Am Africa McKinley, Cunningham and Missionaries
Orlando Price
Joseph Smith American Moses Nabulungi, Mafala and Ugandans
Hasa Diga Eebowai" (Reprise) Nabulungi
You and Me (But Mostly Me) (Reprise) Price and Cunningham
Tomorrow Is a Latter Day Price, Cunningham, McKinley, Nabulungi and Company
Hello (Reprise) Company
Finale Company

Theatre Location

Prince of Wales Theatre, 31 Coventry Street , Westminster , London , W1D 6AS