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Celebrating its 15th year in the West End, STOMP is the event that unites dance, comedy and music into a theatrical whirlwind you'll never forget. Eight performers use everything from Zippo lighters, plastic bags, bin lids and even the kitchen sink to hammer out an explosively feel-good rhythm and turn urban junk into urban funk. You’ll be amazed how much bang you get for your buck.

In the summer of 2012, Stomp wowed billions when they took centre stage at the epic closing ceremony of the London Olympics. With new routines, new choreography and new music, Stomp is pure stage magic.

What's the story?

OK, so there isn't one as such. But what Stomp does have by the bin-load is big personalities. Even though no one speaks, you'll really get to know this noisy bunch by the end of the show. Each performer has their own funny little quirks, ticks and mannerisms, and there are moments of pure slapstick as the good-humoured games of one-upmanship get going.

With revamped 'surround sound' music and routines now in place, there's never been a better time to see this booming great show.

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