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Review: Accomplice, Produced By Neil Patrick Harris

    22/09/10   645

Accomplice is not your standard West End show. What it is, however, is an inventive mixture of live theatre, interactive murder mystery, and free food and drinks. The adventure begins shortly after booking. Rather than being performed in a theatre, the show starts in an undisclosed location which is only revealed the day before the […]

Amanda Holden To Star In Shrek The Musical

    30/07/10   1253

Amanda Holden and Richard Blackwood will star in the forthcoming production of Shrek the Musical. Amanda Holden, perhaps best-known for being a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, will play the lead female role of Princess Fiona. Although Holden may be a surprise casting for many, Amanda is no stranger to the stage and actually started […]

Secret London: Kyoto Garden

    30/07/10   1495

Kyoto Garden is a Japanese Garden in Holland Park, West Kensington. It was first created in 1991 and was refurbished in 2001. Since its refurbishment it has been described as one of the “three places you will never forget in London”. Being in Kyoto Garden makes it hard to believe you are actually in London. […]

Secret London: The Seven Noses Of Soho

    28/07/10   1888

Scattered around Soho are seven sculpted noses on buildings. A peculiar myth says that if you are lucky enough to find all seven you will be wealthy for evermore. It is rumoured that the seven noses are the casts of sculptor Rick Buckley’s own nose. He first left casts of his nose in 1996, although […]

Review: Aspects Of Love At The Menier Chocolate Factory

    27/07/10   766

The Menier Chocolate Factory is making quite a habit of producing new, stripped-down versions of much-loved musicals. This time around, the focus is on Aspects of Love, the 1989 Trevor Nunn/ Andrew Lloyd Webber musical about various love affairs across the generations. The show was based on a 1955 novel by David Garnett, and gave […]

Review: Chicago the Musical

    08/06/10   890

After reading that the London production of Chicago has used well over 14,871 pairs of tights, 481 metres of fishnet fabric, 871 metres of black lace fabric, 136,520 hairpins, 9,666 hairgrips, 2,321 litres of washing up liquid, and 760 pairs of men’s socks since it opened in 1997, I just had to see what all […]

Review: Wicked

    07/06/10   1285

As Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s recent television show to cast Dorothy for his upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz was coming to an end, I went along to Wicked the musical — a show which flips L. Frank Baum’s classic story on its head — to catch up with the progress of a previous reality show […]

Review: Cirkus Cirkor At The Peacock Theatre

    30/05/10   584

I’ll admit that it’s always with a certain amount of trepidation that I approach anything circus-related, but upon arriving at the Peacock Theatre I was relieved to find a distinct lack of elephants and candy floss machines. I’m happy to say that Cirkus Cirkör’s Inside Out was the nicest surprise I’ve had in a long […]

Review: The Woman in Black

    27/03/10   1093

I knew very little about The Woman in Black before going to see it at the Fortune Theatre so you can imagine how surprised I was by the dark and gruesome tale that confronted me. The Woman in Black tells the story of Arthur Kipps, a young and enthusiastic solicitor who is sent to manage the […]

Review: Zombie Prom

    27/10/09   728

It’s pretty safe to assume that anyone who goes to a show called Zombie Prom should not, and will not, be expecting Sondheim. Personally, I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t have to be Sondheim to be good, and that light-hearted, slightly silly comedies have just as important a place as anything else in Theatreland’s […]