Here at Show and Stay, most of our daily conversations revolve around fairly lightweight fluff: the trailer for Sharktopus, how rubbish Daybreak is, it’s your turn to make tea, what is Lady Gaga?…..

But sometimes, we delve into really important issues, the sort of stuff that can’t be decided over a Curly Wurly or forgotten about when the boss walks past. This, is one of those occasions.

Which sci-fi TV show would work best on stage?

Which would you like to see given the musical treatment?

We chewed it over, made lists, argued, slept on it, argued some more, someone pulled a knife, but we finally managed to get it down to the seven sci-fi TV shows below. To find the overall winner though, we need your help.

[poll id="17"]

There were loads of shows that almost made the list, but that ultimately had to be left off: The Prisoner, Farscape, Babylon 5, Stargate, Seaquest DSV, Futurama, Sliders, The X-Files…

We covered most things, but if there are any others you think we overlooked, release your geeky rage using the comment box below.

Get voting, and maybe we can settle this argument before any more written warnings have to be handed out.

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