As we revealed last week, Joe McElderry wants to go into musicals. Well, there’s a shock. But which ones would he suit?

Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
Don’t think I’m suggesting that he be cast as the titular hero, though. No, no. Not he. Clearly Benjamin is the part for Joe McElderry. Let’s face it, he’s too cute and young to be put in that loincloth, and he has something of the Keith Jack about him. And if Denise Van Outen is adamant that means he should be cast as Benjamin, despite the lack of solo singing, then that’s good enough for us.

I'magine this, but with Joe McElderry's head

Imagine this, but with Joe McElderry’s head

Grease the musical
McElderry has a quality that makes him well suited to those big shows set in the mid-20th century, but he doesn’t really have the heart-throb qualities necessary to play Danny Zuko as per the rumour. Or does he? Ray Quinn managed it and he’s the most irritating contestant ever to come out of The X Factor, John and Edward notwithstanding. Anyway, I’d suggest that one of the less important T-Birds (perhaps Roger) might be a good starting point for him.

Having said that, if he’s any good at acting comedy, McElderry has the clean-cut image to make a good Link Larkin at some point. And he’s elfin enough to make Tracy look especially plump.

High School Musical 4
Seeing as HSM3 kept throwing in random characters, some of whom appeared to be teenage David Bowie tribute acts and exchange student bitches from England, maybe McElderry too could join in the Disney fun as another East High pupil on a semester abroad. That’s if he can tone down the broad Geordie accent. I’m not sure that children worldwide are as yet ready for a leading man with a fabulous South Shields tone.

Any more ideas? or maybe just interested in a theatre break of your own?

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