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Ends 14th January 2017

Set within the world of theatre, The Dresser recalls the events of a night in a provincial playhouse during WWII. Written by Academy Award-winning author Sir Ronald Harwood, this play is bound to keep audiences entertained from start to finish.

As sirens screech and bombs rain down on the town around them, a courageous troupe of touring actors prepare for their performance of King Lear, however, the once-famous ‘Sir’ (Ken Stott) declines to assume his role of Lear. It is the responsibility of his devoted dresser Norman (Reece Shearsmith) to motivate the aging actor and save the show from falling apart.

Praised for its humour, tenderness and intelligence – The Dresser is considered Harwood’s best work. This masterpiece is a seminal play about a life in the theatre and the evocative depiction of two co-dependent men. Don’t miss out on a exceptionally clever show which is certain to be a hit this year.

Theatre Location

The Duke of York , St Martin’s Lane, London, WC2N 4BG

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